The solution for a COVID-secure future

In the post-coronavirus world, access to sanitizer is essential for all. DispenserONE® provides reassurance that visitors’ wellbeing is of paramount importance, projecting a responsible, COVID-secure brand image.

    Introducing DispenserONE®

    Watch the official DispenserONE® launch video, a one-minute rundown of the features that make this groundbreaking system the most advanced hand sanitizer dispenser on the market today.

    Learn how DispenserONE® overcomes the limitations of conventional hand sanitizer systems with a revolutionary system so low maintenance, robust and reliable customers that enjoy up to five years’ warranty.

    Discover the multiple benefits for users and operators alike across every conceivable application, from transport hubs and conference centres to hospitals, schools and offices, that make DispenserONE® the permanent hand hygiene solution for a COVID-secure future.