DispenserONE® Series: A system for every site


The slimline Mini has the range’s smallest tank size and is perfect for buildings where space is at a premium, such as convenience stores and cafés


Doses delivered between refills by the Maxi, ensuring users always have access to sanitizer in high-traffic locations like airports and stadiums

Mains Powered

Removes reliance on batteries, guarantees 24/7 service and overcomes the environmental impact of battery disposal (Rechargeable battery versions available)

Touchless Technology

Automatic sensor-activated delivery means users do not need to touch the system, helping prevent the transmission of viruses

Remote Access

Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot allows users to check product level for multiple units via smartphone and deploy staff to refill only when necessary

Revolutionary Pump Technology

Advanced pump design provides unprecedented reliability, longevity and consistency along with "soft" dosing that eliminates splashing

DispenserONE® Mini

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DispenserONE® Flexi

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DispenserONE® Maxi

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Meet the hand hygiene demands of passengers using departures, arrivals, security, shopping and toilet areas in even the busiest international airports that can’t be achieved with traditional 1,000ml dispensers

Cruise Ships

Prevent the spread of viruses among passengers by locating DispenserONE® in key locations such as food service areas, entertainment venues and lido decks


Enhance patient, visitor and staff safety with the ultimate dispenser, providing touch-free dosing and accessibility for every user plus compatibility with liquid, gel and foam sanitizer for operator convenience

Shopping Malls

Make your DispenserONE® a powerful marketing tool by selling advertising space, displaying promotions and showing visitor information via the 17” screen model, with content changeable immediately via Wi-Fi


Customize DispenserONE® with your logo and company colours for a bespoke system that can be replicated across stores nationwide, helping to reinforce the brand

Sports Stadiums

Emblazon DispenserONE® with a team badge and colours for a system that is an integral part of its environment and can be conveniently located at turnstiles, toilets and concourses

Transport Hubs

From train and bus stations to ferry ports and tram stops, reassure travellers that they’re safe by providing a constant supply of hand sanitizer and display departures information via the optional 17” screen


Locate DispenserONE® in waiting areas, buffets and toilets to ensure guests always have access to sanitizer during their visit, with personalization available for chains


Ensure employee safety, comfort and reassurance by installing DispenserONE® as part of a COVID-secure workplace, while visitor information can be conveyed via the optional 17” screen


DispenserONE® Maxi has fifty times the capacity of a conventional 1-litre hand sanitizer dispenser


Passengers moved through airports in 2018 (from IATA’s World Air Transport Statistics 2019)


Of people now consider hand hygiene to be more a part of their overall health routine than before (Essity, July 2020)

High Capacity

Huge tank capacity, holding up to 50 litres of sanitizer (50,000 doses), vastly reducing the replenishment rate and easing pressure on maintenance personnel, especially in large-scale operations.


Single shot quantity can be adjusted remotely via Wi-Fi. Compatibility with both liquid and gel sanitizer means operators are not bound to a single product, so in the event of the existing sanitizer type being unavailable, an alternative can be used without service interruption.
The wide frontal enclosure can be customized with the customer’s choice of colour and logo.


Automatic dispensing through touchless technology, with sanitizer dispensed at a height suitable for everyone – including children and wheelchair users – for maximum hygiene and safety.

IoT-enabled for Remote Monitoring

Access and control every feature of DispenserONE®, wherever you are

Integrating the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology with its bespoke Wi-Fi hotspot, the DispenserONE® dashboard provides unprecedented access to the device, allowing you to monitor and manage its full range of features from any location via PC, laptop or smart device.

  • Online access to your personal dashboard where you can connect to your dispensers across multiple sites in any country.
  • Manage sanitizer stock remotely with a real-time graphical representation of the remaining level of product in your system plus data on the number of doses delivered and total running time
  • Live usage and level data lets you adjust dosing quantity to ensure your sanitizer supply does not run out before the next delivery arrives.
  • Alarm system notifies you when sanitizer level runs low, allowing you to arrange refilling with the greatest efficiency.
  • Add and update media to be played on the DispenserONE® 17” screen at any time, ensuring content such as visitor information and promotions is current and relevant.

SEKO's solution for a COVID-secure future

In the post-coronavirus world, access to sanitizer is essential for all. DispenserONE® provides reassurance that visitors’ wellbeing is of paramount importance, projecting a responsible, COVID-secure brand image.

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